1953... The vision for a church located in the Newburg area of Louisville, KY began when Farmdale Baptist Church, Louisville, KY felt led to establish a mission church as a part of God's call to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ. 


1954...  Land was secured from the Maddix family at 5189 Poplar Level Road in SEPTEMBER 


1955... Renovations were begun on an existing building and completed in MAY.  The mission was named GREEN ACRES BAPTIST MISSION in view of the neighborhood being known as Green Acres.

Meanwhile a committee of members at Farmdale Baptist Church was formed to search for the mission's first pastor.  Donald M. Randolph was called to that first pastor (1955-1978).  He assumed his duties as pastor of a the mission on MAY 1.  Pastor Randolph led the first service of the mission where the first charter members joined the mission including many from the Maddix family.  Through the following months and years the church enjoyed God's blessings of new members.

1956... On JULY 1, Green Acres Baptist Mission was constituted as a self-supporting, autonomous church aptly named GREEN ACRES BAPTIST CHURCH.  The church became affiliated with the Long Run Baptist Association, statewide with the Kentucky Baptist Association, and nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention.  As the church grew it acquired two and half acres of land and expanded its building project that year to include a second story to its original building.

1961... The church's present auditorium and offices were constructed.

1964... A new two-story addition was added to the original building and auditorium.

1966... GABC was recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in Kentucky and the whole Southern Baptist Convention.  The church enjoyed steady growth for the next 5 years.  In that time GABC began a radio broadcast of its services, the youth choir recorded a record album and the softball field was host to the Long Run Baptist Association league.  The church also began a day care that lasted for many years.

1978... Pastor Don Randolph resigns after 23 years as the church's first pastor

1979... Pastor Daniel Powell begins a 30 year ministry as GABC pastor.

2011... Dr. Philip Ellis becomes GABC new pastor on April 1.  He would serve 4 years.

2016... Pastor Jeff McCarty was called as pastor on October 2nd.  He would serve for two and half years.

2019... In November GABC called Dr. Jim Shaw as transitional pastor.  The ministry and focus of the church is to reconnect the Newburg community with gospel of Jesus Christ.  



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