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Our Ministries

There is a place for you to belong at

Green Acres Baptist Church. 

Team Kids

At Team Kids, children from 1st- 6th grade will grow in their walk with Jesus. Team Kids motto is Learning about God. Using the Bible. Living for Jesus. That is exactly what we do. Our team is there to equip your children.

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Team Kids

Adult Community  Groups

It's the place to jump in and connect with those of like mind.  Did you grow up in the 80's, there's a place for you... how about the 90's we welcome you too.  Whether you're a newly married or a seasoned grandparent this is a place to experience community.

Adult Community Groups

Senior Adult 


Enjoy the golden years of life as we do church life together.  Outings, luncheons, missions are all part of what we do to make a difference in our church and community.

Senior Adult Ministry
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