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About Us

As people of God  unified by the Holy Spirit

because of our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord,

we gather in humility, peace, and love.


Welcome to Green Acres Baptist Church.  


Green Acres Baptist Church is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  We are passionate about planting churches and growing the kingdom of God.  We have been ministering to people for the past 40 years.


At Green Acres Baptist Church, we proclaim in worship and witness God's redemptive love in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Core Values

We challenge one another as

disciples of Jesus Christ in Bible

study, prayer, and witnessing.

Core Values

We offer others in evangelistic invitation God's forgiveness of sin and purpose in life.

Who We Are

We minister to each other for our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our members and community.

At Green Acres Baptist Church, we are a Bible preaching, teaching and reaching church. A church that loves God and all people.

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Ellen Popham

Worship Leader and Children's Minister

Ellen Popham is a worship leader with high energy and a positive attitude of the love Jesus Christ.  Ellen has served in several churches as worship leader and children's minister. Ellen's father was a pastor and help prepare her for Christian service.


Nancy Thomas

Officer Manager

Nancy has been serving the GABC since 2016 as office manager.  Her organizational and people skills are easily noticeable.  Nancy is an avid runner and has a love for animals.  She and her husband Lloyd enjoy their three grandchildren.  Nancy's hobbies include boating and the outdoors.

Steve Williams


Steve diligently maintains the GABC facility.  He has served GABC in this capacity since 2000.  He and Peggy have been married 24 years.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, bowling, and reading.  Steve also serves as a deacon at GABC and has been a member since 1981.

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